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Latest News

Sunday Frostbite Racing:

Report from a Salty Seadog:

There are some old salty sailors out there who may argue that female OOD's make better judgments and decisions when in charge of a fleet of highly tuned race addicts who need good leadership and control - but we will come back to that later. As for the sailing it was another excellent Sunday out in Saundersfoot Bay last week, where the weather is more often than not in favour of the lucky people who come down each week to join in our racing calendar.

Storms and rain may have put a few off at this last session, or was it the John Lewis penguin enticing thrifty crews off to the shops to grab a bargain ready for Xmas ? Anyway we still managed a decent turnout of 5 boats and a team of eager helpers. Our skilful Lady OOD (under the watchful eye of her mentor) set a testing Amroth - Monkstone - Harbour course. Simplicity in itself unless one of the fleet forgets their glasses and goes off to the wrong mark with another following! This mistake by the myopic, lost enough seconds at the end of the race to prove costly. James, with the borrowed Phantom now under full control, looked like a race winner from the start. Rhys with Peter at the helm of the Osprey were fast on his heels though, even after taking the diversion to Amroth!

What competitors would do well not to forget is that while all the spinnakers and big mains are looking the part for some great photos, there is the stealth figure of current club champion David Plester inconspicuously working his way up the field. We even had Keith along with nimble crew Hywel in the Laser Vago managing to stay upright this week, which helped them considerably in the results. Despite testing conditions Martin in the Topper kept going to keep in contention with some of these faster boats.
The final results after handicap adjustments were: 1st James Hayden, 2nd David Plester, 3rd Peter Bower and Rhys Jackson.

The same course was set for the second race after some technical discussions were overheard coming from the OOD's hut ! Was it consideration of some dark clouds on the horizon, or was it a “matrimonial” between our husband and wife race officer team ?!! Hooters and flags happened at all the right times and the fleet grouped together enough to cause some very close calls on who was going to need gel coat repairs if they did not move. Once again James was first out of the blocks with Peter and Rhys now going the right way and pulling ahead, whilst Keith, David and Martin did well to keep up with the family tussle out in front.

The race was on and all eyes were looking at the boats flying off to Amroth - apart from the OOD who was looking with binoculars in hand the other way and towards the beach and the oncoming black clouds. I am not one to gossip but I am sure I heard one half of the family OOD team announce they were off back home to take in the washing. However sense of duty prevailed and the signal was given to shorten course - not for the washing! but due to the reducing wind and slow pace of boats coming round the course.

Everyone finished and the results were: 1st James Hayden, 2nd Peter Bower and Rhys Jackson, 3rd David Plester. Thanks to all our helpers including Tom and Terry out there in the rescue rib and especially to our family team of OOD's Paul and Julia who really do know how to run a great race, but maybe should make sure that the race reporter is not standing too close next time to hear how it all happens.
(Goodness - the Paparazzi are even embedded in the Club now !! Editor)

Harbour Developments:

Members of the club met with Michael Davies, CEO of Saundersfoot Harbour, last week about the forthcoming development plans at Saundersfoot Harbour which will greatly improve water access and visitor facilities. More information will be reported when available.

AGM – All Members:

Remember to attend the Club’s AGM this Sunday – all members are encouraged to participate, as the basis for the operation of the Club for the next year will be decided. The bar will be open from 12.30 and light lunches will be served to prepare everyone for the business proceedings which start at 2pm.


Skippers Mate is completing his watch at this week’s AGM and will be handing his signal flags over to another watch officer, who being more skilled with modern technology will be able to report via a wider range of more up to date methods!
Thanks to all my dedicated readers and Bon Voyage for the future.

Frostbite Series Capsize – sensibly carried out in the harbour but not intentionally !!


Social News

Awaiting details.

About the club


Saundersfoot is a small seaside holiday village in West Wales with picturesque scenery, an excellent beach and ample parking. The sailing waters within Saundersfoot Bay attract many sailors and regattas are always well supported. Catering facilities within the village are good; cafes, inns and shops are all within a few yards of the central car park. Residential accommodation is available in hotels and guest houses. Saundersfoot Sailing Club's dinghy park is small and unfortunately, has no space available for visiting boats. However, boats can usually be left safely on the beach.


Although the club encourages all forms of watersport it is mainly dinghy sailing and cruiser sailing that forms the major part of our on the water activity. The club has a full dinghy sailing programme with the season running from April to October each year. To encourage new members to the sport of dinghy sailing the club has an active sail training scheme which is run in accordance with the Royal Yachting Association who are the governing body of the sport in the UK. Cruiser sailing activity is based more on cruising than racing although regular races are held with our neighbouring club Tenby Sailing Club and we also hold a cruiser regatta.

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