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Frostbite Results 2015 Overall
Frostbite Final Results 2015 Fleets

Race report Sunday 15th November
Saundersfoot Sailing Club and it’s facilities appear to be well used these days which is great to see by all types of water users in surroundings that are perfect in all weather conditions. Over the last 3 weekends UK Rowing have been busy training new coaches from a number of clubs in West Wales and this Sunday it was back to sailing when RYA coach Steve Small spent the day with an enthusiastic group of youngsters and included Lloyd and Ann from SSC on improving their race tactics and starts. There were 10 boats out which were watched over by a large team of volunteers from the club so thanks to them.

After the morning session the group planned to join in the clubs regular Sunday racing but were treated to an excellent cottage pie dinner supplied by Jo and assisted by Allison on serving and washing up duties so well done to them. Some of us regulars were hoping that it may help to slow them down a bit but it did not have that effect.

The conditions at the start of the race were perfect and it could have been a slightly chilly summers day, a constant breeze and warm sun made the last day of racing practically perfect. It was all up for grabs and the main contenders were out there casting a watchful eye over the competition, possibly full of surprise though as from the new harbour gates emerged a fleet of Toppers who also looked like they were going to spoil the party. Coppet Week had come early as the bay filled with boats of all classes and a group of youngsters who were not going to be intimidated.

Pinky, Perky and People’s Friend were scowling at each other along the start line as if it was their last night in “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”. You could feel the tension rising as Keith on OOD with Terry and Lloyd sounded the 5 minute hooter and up with the flag. What they did not realise was the skilful sailing and newly trained recruits of the Topper fleet getting over the line before the clubs hot shots and managing I am sure to steal a bit of wind out of their sails even if it was just for a short time.

A great course with an upwind first leg towards the beach enabled the fleet to split but Pinky and Perky in the Contenders were glued to each other and I am sure cursing as James cruised ahead in the Phantom and possibly rubbing salt into the wounds by casually sailing with one hand on the tiller and the other doing the crossword from last month edition of his favourite magazine.

It was his title to take and for the rest of us to follow, Ben in his Laser Radial tried hard but could not manage to get close enough and even the salty sea dog looked on in admiration while limping round with a broken kicker.

1st place James in the Phantom, 2nd  Maurice Contender, 3rd Ben Laser Radial.

The wind started to rise for the second race but the same course prevailed and it started to chill but another great race enjoyed by all the fleet to finish the series with 1st James  - Phantom, 2nd Simon - Contender, 3rd Mark in the Aero

All the final positions of the Frostbite series can be found on the Facebook pages but congratulations to James sailing his Phantom round the course with precision and skill to take the overall Frostbite title in first place. 2nd place went to Maurice in his Contender. 3rd place went to Simon in his Contender.

The final positions in the Frostbite for the Silver fleet were 1st Lloyd in his Laser, 2nd Malcolm in the Graduate, 3rd Rosie in the Laser so well done to those as well and a great day sailing for the last of the season.

Next race
The next race will be sometime in 2016 at the start of the new sailing program which has a lot of work and discussion still to be agreed so it possibly that time of year to repair all those bits hanging off and get that new racing sail onto the Xmas list.

Nina our effervescent social secretary is on a role now with renewed vigour after the success of the curry and sailing talk evening. With that time of year just around the corner and talk of Xmas sales and family arguments about how big the tree should be, and it wasn’t me who put the lights away broken last year then it could be time for a festive quiz.

Blimey it’s that time of year again and we better make haste or we will be voted onto the committee if we turn up to the AGM, now don’t tell me you haven’t thought about that before. Nearly all clubs have the same problems encouraging new and experienced members to not only attend the AGM but put their names forward to help run the club in the following year.

It is with some possible surprise and excitement that on entering the club on what could be described as possibly one of the wettest, coldest and greyest days of the year we were not going to be in for a festive treat. However there was an autumnal buzz around and what seemed a few hastily organized meetings going off between excited or maybe confused members both on the stairs and in the changing rooms.

As it transpired they were productive discussions as it reduced what could be described as possibly meltdown of an organization into a renewed and enthusiastic team of members willing to rise to a challenge and continue with turning the fortunes of the club round into a local success and an asset to be proud of in the harbour.

Rolfe John our current club President opened the meeting with possible surprise in his eyes at the number of people who were sat in front of him, eager no doubt to hear about the clubs fortunes or misfortunes. A sombre start from Rolfe reminded the club about the loss of two well respected members this year who were Lyndsay and Joyce Gallon and were members since the early eighties and apparently always a steady hand on the helm of many committee meetings. The meeting stood and held a minutes silence to remember them both. I won’t take up all your time with detail of the meeting but the minutes will be available in full as soon as Jo has typed them up.

Club Commodore Martin Andrews was though in buoyant mood as he outlined plans and ideas to encourage the use of a prime local asset by other clubs as well as the sailing club to help secure both the finances and future for it’s members. Resignations were replaced with nominations and the grey skies outside suddenly started to turn blue as a new committee emerged from the turmoil with some enthusiastic new faces possibly guided by some experienced faces onto a team that I think will work well together in the coming months ahead.

It is all looking very positive down at the club these days and to top it all off Jo had organised some baked potatoes with a number of exotic fillings and all free as well so that was pretty good as well.


Xmas Quiz
On the 18th December I am sure we must all be ready for a free glass of wine and a mince pie mixed in with some festive Xmas questions along I am informed with a few nautical teasers to bring in that Xmas spirit. Our resident race officer John Griffiths has hung up his protest flags for the winter and created a festive quiz fit for Santa. The club will be open from 7.30 with an aim to start the quiz at 8pm so please come along and join us as seats are being filled with eager quizers ready to win the Xmas quiz crown. We are planning to run the event in teams of about 4 so bring along your friends and family or just tag onto a team on the night.

Curry night and sailing talk
There is still a buzz going round the club about Jim and Caroline’s talk on their epic voyage around the world. So much so that the Salty Sea Dog has been bending Jim’s arm for a return with a slight difference to meet the needs of all those unlucky members and friends who missed the evening last week, possibly due to all seats sold out but maybe that they don’t like to venture out during the cold evenings at this time of year.

This is not definite but negotiations are currently happening to organise another event but this time it would be held during the afternoon and possibly served up with tea and home made cakes so watch this space for details about another epic voyage on the High seas.


Xmas shopping
I know that with all the Xmas adverts running on radio and TV at this time of year how frustrating it can be for us keen shoppers knowing that Xmas for the family will be totally spoiled now that M+S has sold all their luxury mince pies or that Iceland is getting low on 20 bottles of full fat coke at £2.50 a gallon.

Well to bring the cheer back onto the family faces on Xmas morning then Jo our enthusiastic training officer and current ladies champion has an excellent range of clothing with club badges that she seems to be very busy taking orders for so don’t miss out on those and contact Jo as soon as possible as they may make a good addition to the sack at the bottom of the bed, and yes the old sea dog does still puts the old Xmas sock out the night before with a drink for Santa.


A Salty Sea Dog

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About the club


Saundersfoot is a small seaside holiday village in West Wales with picturesque scenery, an excellent beach and ample parking. The sailing waters within Saundersfoot Bay attract many sailors and regattas are always well supported. Catering facilities within the village are good; cafes, inns and shops are all within a few yards of the central car park. Residential accommodation is available in hotels and guest houses. Saundersfoot Sailing Club's dinghy park is small and unfortunately, has no space available for visiting boats. However, boats can usually be left safely on the beach.


Although the club encourages all forms of watersport it is mainly dinghy sailing and cruiser sailing that forms the major part of our on the water activity. The club has a full dinghy sailing programme with the season running from April to October each year. To encourage new members to the sport of dinghy sailing the club has an active sail training scheme which is run in accordance with the Royal Yachting Association who are the governing body of the sport in the UK. Cruiser sailing activity is based more on cruising than racing although regular races are held with our neighbouring club Tenby Sailing Club and we also hold a cruiser regatta.

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