Race report and week summary

Sunday 6th September 2015

Sooner or later it just had to happen, the Lady and Junior Helm trophy race must have been re organised more times than the sun has appeared for our weekly race outings. With the sun shining and a cool breeze there was a great buzz of anticipation around the dinghy park and a good number of boats were getting the extra bit of tweaking and polishing ready for the start. I did overhear some chat about a new lady helm from down the beach somewhere who apparently has been seen out in the bay at odd times practicing when they thought no one else was watching but that’s difficult here in Saundersfoot.

Apparently her coach and life long mentor has produced a program of running, swimming and exercise’s to bring her up to peak performance, for what we can only guess but it was agreed that the coach was looking a bit weary these days. It could well be all the club committee meetings taking it’s toll or the rescheduling of the race, but as usual it is possibly just dinghy park gossip and there is nothing of any fact to report here and I do like to keep to the facts, fingers crossed it all helps out on race day.

Well back to race as they say so no more digressing, it was a hit and miss with the wind but the OOD Tom decided it was on and out the fleet drifted though the harbour. Better than expectation when out in the bay but as we were to find the wind did go up and down a bit during the race so depending on where you were made a huge difference to where you ended up in the final results. Along with beach launching Topper sailing Julia there was another new girl out in the race and for only the first time since a lap round the bay at Bart’s Bash last year in an Oppy, yes she did fit in the Oppy but shall we say snug. Only joking there was loads of room. Judy Lightwood took the challenge and after a bit of warming up and tactical tuition from her own life coach as well she was off and mixing it with the talented new sailors like Rosie and Lloyd along with the seasoned youngster Harry in the Vision.

There were though the usual suspects out there determined to put on a good performance in front of all the ladies and youngsters vying for that coveted trophy, pinky in the Contender was going well as normal but today struggling to shake of a new nemesis that has appeared while the flying knitter is away from the scene and that is Paul the dinghy captain who seems to have brought back some of that old winning magic and crept ahead right at the end. Just behind them was Keith in the Aero which in these conditions was a boat made for winning but today it slipped by into 3rd by 1second, creeping in just behind was the junior flyer Hywel in his 4.7 Laser but weighted down a bit by his new watch.

1st place went to Paul in the Laser 1, 2nd Maurice in the Contender, 3rd Keith

The second race was a bit of a re run of the first really but a different course out to Amroth then Pendine and home, the start line was hotly contested this time and all of us were waiting for Hywels new watch to chime the start sequence for the fleet, yes forget the flags and hooters we now have Hywels new Gul racing watch, it’s on my xmas list but then I don’t really need one when I can hear Hywels.

A very close start with a few minor bumps across the line but all waved of with a friendly ha ha don’t worry they take a few knocks these boats sort of attitude which does make it a bit more fun. Rosie was up there in front along with Steve Cavel going well in the Solo but everyone was well grouped and speeding off to Amroth, well sort of speeding.
Pinky was going to get his revenge this race I could tell by his intent concentration and steely eyes glued to that dinghy captain Paul, he was not going to get away this time. And while he was watching Paul it should have been his wife he was watching as she was off out of the blocks like it was sale day at TK Max and the first 10 shoppers through the doors didn’t have to pay.

My goodness there were a few that were pulled along in her wake which I think is the rules and doesn’t count as pumping, but there is none of that in our racing so it was Julia’s race to win and everyone else to catch up. Judy was having a good go at the back leaving her sailing mentor well behind and seemed to be enjoying the race better than the first. Harry, Rosie and others seemed to be well grouped but could not manage to get ahead apart from Hywel the watch. The wind dropped and any 2 lappers seemed to struggle and in came Julia for her first single handed win.

1st place Julia Griffiths in the beach Topper, 2nd Hywel in the 4.7 Laser. 3rd Paul in the Laser 1.

A great days racing in the sunshine and who cares if the wind did not blow that well, we all enjoyed the sunshine and competition out on the water. Thanks to OOD Tom and Martin on hooters and flags. Tom and Terry, Rob and Anna on rescue as without these people we could not race. I am not going to mention where I finished but I did get well beaten by a lot of talented youngsters and a couple of competitive ladies.

Next race Saturday 12th September

Due to all the excitement of the Iron Man next Sunday and closed roads we will be racing on Saturday with a race start of 4.30pm and consisting of 2 x races.

Bart’s Bash 20th September

The club is still full steam ahead to join in this world wide event and all the plans are now in place. There will be of course the Bart’s race starting at 11am and of course will be in fancy dress of an open leave it up to you theme, this does include the boats as well though. Wales rugby world cup opener will be on the big screen starting at 2.30pm with food and drink available.

Photos this week show Ladies race winner Julia Griffiths and Rosie Mammatt in contention.

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