Weekly Update - March 2022

Thursday 3rd March 2022


Well, it's that time of year again!
SSC membership renewal is due on1st April 2022

The Membership Form have been updated with the new rates, as well as the GDPR declaration you need to make.

For those of you who store a boat in the Dinghy Park, we have added the Dinghy Park Charter to the reverse of the form so you are all aware of the rules relating to storing your boat in the Park.  We also need you to provide a spare key, a note of your lock code or confirmation that your boat remains unlocked.

The Dinghy Park
Keith and his team have been working hard (when the weather has been co-operating!) and the new racking along the ‘ship’ side of the Park has now been completed.

The plan for clearly numbering all the bays is coming along, and should done by the end of March or early April.

Following on from the last Newsletter the owners of 5 of the boats have now been identified, the remaining unidentified boats will have one last ‘ID parade’ in the next Newsletter before they are moved into a storage area, and ultimately disposed of.