April 3rd Newsletter

Sunday 3rd April 2016

SSC week summary Sunday 3rd April


The racing season comes and goes so fast and hey presto here we are again with the first race of the season and as normal at this time of year the conditions were proving to be testing if not just for the sailors but also for the land crews as well.


Jo was the OOD and a good decision to sail at a point when a few were deciding not to unroll the new racing foils and highly polished boats from under their covers. The usual suspects were back on the block in the form of Pinky and Perky in their Contenders who it was overheard muttering in the dinghy park were apparently going to knock the Peoples Friend of his perch this year, I don’t think though telling him the start time was 30 mins after everyone else is in the rules.


There were previous champions galore out there so if you are reading this and want competitive racing against some very fit and race honed sailors then this is the place to bring your boat down to, just check out our website for race details in the dinghy section.


Two gun Plester was out there parading up and down the start line like a peacock on heat with an aim I am sure to let some of these ex champions know he is back to mix it with the best of them. It was very noticeable that  the Love Boat was well and truly wrapped up in the dinghy park and very possibly also wrapped up at home with girly flu ( not I may add the real proper man flu stuff ) was its very talented crew and technical advisor in the form of Julia who was I am sure watching from the window looking out for her long term sweet heart Paul who it appeared may have added a few pounds since a recent holiday as the wetsuit really was struggling but it could have been extra layers due to the cold as I am not one to pass gossip.


Keith the Warrior Jones seemed to be tucked in the middle of all this parading and strutting possibly trying to keep a low profile out there in his race tuned Aero or was he tucked in behind Go Pro Ben who looked to have more electrical gadgets strapped to the deck of his Laser than Apollo 12 had when it went to the moon.


Old Salty dog did have to double check his watch when he strolled over to race control and was surprised to see the Peoples Friend through the binos sitting in the in laws garden tucking into another round of cucumber  sandwiches and with a half eaten plate of carrot cake when the 5 min gun went off. Maybe there was something in the rumour that the Contenders will stop at nothing to take the crown this year ?


Monkstone – Pendine – Harbour was the course and the wind was blowing a very steady SE 3 to 4 with a good amount of chop for all to contend with including the poor rescue boats bobbing up and down out there. Possibly not much was expected from the first race of the season but is was very hotly contested with boats almost bumping into each other as they came across the finish line. The eventual winner was Maurice Clarke in the Contender, 2nd Simon Turnbull also in a Contender and 3rd was Ben in his Laser radial.


As they all came across the line almost in unison the second race was set up and a shorter Monkstone – Outlet – Harbour course was set. If you want to see how to start a race you should have seen the Peoples Friend fly out of the blocks and read the fact that the line was from the outer mark to the OOD and not as some possibly thought the inner pin.


He was away and shot off towards Monkstone where as the Contenders seemed to go off to Amroth but all was to be revealed as they very soon came screaming back towards the Monkstone mark and were out in front again. The rest of the fleet were all bunched and some excellent and very competitive racing took place which is a very positive start to what I am sure is going to be a great racing season.


1st Simon Turnbull in the Contender, 2nd Maurice Clarke in the Contender, 3rd Ben in the Laser Radial.


Thanks to Jo and Hywel on OOD along with Tom, Martin, John and James Crowney Richards on the bumpy rescue boats. Land crews today were Mick and Clare along with many helpers so great support for our first day of racing.


Next Weeks racing

Sunday 10th April with a race start of 9.30am x 1 race and the OOD is Tom and Dave.


Club Training


This sail training plans are well under way including the very popular Push the Boat out which the club is hosting on May 20th see website for details.

Level 1-2 sailing will be July 25-29 for anyone who signs up at Push the Boat out. There are Powerboat Level 2 course planned in the diary as well but are currently fully booked.

The Bosuns Locker

We should be receiving our refurbished Dory back from Pembrokeshire Sports Boats soon along with our shining new 30HP Tohatsu engine and fully repaired trailer.

There are a few niggling faults with the clubs Salcombe Flyer but big thanks to Hugh from PSB who has responded to our plee for help and will be on the case this week to have it sorted.

I did notice a few of the tools being used on various boats both before and after the racing so that seems to have been a success in making tools and spares available to club members. There were positive comment also about Terrys new designer bags he made to weights in to hang under the marks out at sea so well done there Terry.



Ramblings from the locker

A couple of minor points I noticed this week and yes it was the first race but great support from all in getting the rescue boats out and back in. If you are on rescue duty please make sure you contact the OOD on duty and ask which marks are required and every week we will need two yellow start pins going out along with the weights so getting that all sorted asap will help the smooth running of the race. All rescue crews know where the radios are and make sure they are washed out and back in the charging rack, any sign of corrosion on the charging pins let the bosun know along with any other faults that may appear on the ribs to give us time to sort the problem before next weeks race.

Dinghy park

The dinghy park and tender / kayak racks are in need of some repairs and possibly relocation of both racks and boats. The very helpful club volunteers will try to ensure that as much publicity and information is available before any moving if any starts to happen so please be aware of this in the coming weeks and months. If you want input and even better want to help then please come and join in the unpaid but happy bunch of helpers who seem to move mountains for the price of a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit. A good place to look is the website as we do try to keep that up to date with the latest information.

A Salty Sea Dog

Photo shows visitors and helpers watching the racing from the OOD control.