News from behind the scenes

Wednesday 3rd February 2016

Behind the scenes @ SSC

There is a lot going on down at the club these days getting ready for the new season, the new Bosun's Locker is progressing and now available for boat and engine repairs just contact Mick for details and use. Terry as always spend an enormous amout of time both at the club and at home making and repairing equipment. One of his recent quests has been to get the right weights on the bottom of the yellow pin bouys and in a container that will not damage the boat and is easy to carry. Well with an old sail and a sowing machine you can do wonders so well done Terry.
The new locker doors have been in need of some TLC ready for the new signs going up and along came Paul with his paint brush and artistry skills.
Something we do not see or often hear about is Rob and his conquest to ensure the club keeps it's 5 star hygiene rating and he has done it again with the club last week being rated top marks so thanks Rob for all your work on this behind the scenes.
Then of course there is all the work going on to organise the fleet of rescue boats ready to start the season in tip top condition and one at least with a new engine. Here is the Flyer being delivered back from Pembrokeshire Sports Boats after some TLC and an engine maintenance.
I did of course have to take it out with Terry and Hugh from PSB to give it a test but it is I can assure you hard work spinning around the bay in glorious sunshine and flat sea but someone has to it !!
Of course we also canot forget John upstairs sorting out the mountain of flags and OOD kit reasy for club racing and Coppet Week, my goodness we are going to be organised soon.

Thanks to all for helping and see you next week.