News from the Bosun's Locker

Thursday 28th January 2016

SSC Rescue boat fleet.

Went to see how the tired old Dory is coming along in it's restoration over at Pembrokshire Sports Boats. After 4 coats of oxalyc acid and the removal of enough mussles and barnacles to feed 10 people at the seaside cafe it is slowly taking shape. The console has been moved to the middle, all the damaged cables have been removed to be replaced including the broken steering wheel, new bilge pump to be fitted so no more emptying the boat out every week of... 20 gallon of water, a new 30 HP 4 stroke Tohatsu engine to be fitted, the seat raised and new cusion fitted with a small drinks table to hold a couple of G&T's to be fitted on the fore deck for when the wind drops.

Also over at PSB they have made a few repairs to the Zodiac which is now tucked up back at base just waiting for the new season with a very smart rear seat back to mainly keep Terry in the boat when Tom Eyre takes him for a spin round the bay and the Salcombe Flyer is also getting a bit of TLC to keep her in the condition that she deserves.

Alas though many may be sad that the Grey Rib after many years sterling service has been sold ( yes no more pulling her round to the garage ) to enable the club to now only keep 3 rescue boats but all in top condition and with either a new engine or engine warranty no older than 3 years. We will be developing a scheduled monthly maintenance plan for each of the boats where we hope members will assist with a few basic checks of nuts and bolts, oil and fitings so that we keep all the boats up to spec and ready for use when required.

Terry has sorted and painted all the grab boxes with all that is required and new fire extingusiers have been fitted to all boats, yes the rusty ones have gone. Batteries charged or replaced and just about every anchor, rope, rusty shackle and fitting has had Terry's 5 start service.

If you want to join in our growing band of helpers we meet currently in all weathers on a Wednesday from about 9.30 ish to whenever we feel enough has been done for the day. We also open up on a Saturday as well due to the amount of jobs that is being worked on to get the club ready for the new season.

The pay is not very good in fact it is £0.00 per hour but we do offer free tea / coffee and biscuits and all supplied now from the new Bosun's Locker where a warm welcome is gauranteed. If you cannot offer time to help then just pop down for a cup of tea and see what's going on, even on a wet and windy day it's not a bad place to sit and chat about all things nautical.