Race report

Sunday 5th July 2015

There were a few notable big guns missing from the fleet this week for various reasons like “it’s a bit early for me”, “my knee is playing me up”, “oh it’s my wife’s birthday and I like to spoil her” ( once a year ? ) I don’t really understand all this myself as I am always up early making morning tea and even with a bad knee and spoiling my wife every day but I suppose we are all different.

Where were we and as usual I digress but back on the start line and looking at who had turned up in conditions that did not favour the feint hearted it was looking like gun fight at the OK Coral. The two Contenders were prowling up and down frowning at each other as they made eye contact in the high swells and old Phantom boy ( without his garden chair coach by the way ) was leisurely cruising up and down in his new jumper along the start line in what I would call an intimidating fashion but the others were having none of it.

I though knew that up in windy city they were the one’s in control and favouring those that gave them a nice friendly and casual wave as we sail through the harbour entrance, some may scoff at this but to some of us the odd 10 seconds knocked off can make all the difference and who is to know. Tom and Jo set a cracker, xmas had come early today and it must have had the “People’s friend” laughing his new socks off. It was an Amroth – Outlet – Monkstone – Harbour course with a very strong SW blowing to set the taste buds going of any regular to Coast restaurant going. Yes the club is looking for some lucrative sponsorship so let’s be nice to our neighbours.

New girl on the block and as yet I have not decided on a name but for now lets call her “Ann in the Topper”, I am though awaiting suggestions. Ann who has not been too long out of her sailing course was out there and up for it in the sort of stuff that would send many back to port for a nice cup of tea and a ginger biscuit. Mixing it on the line as well but maybe not right at the time it should have been but the idea was right, Steve “where is my Harry” was out there in his Laser with a well suited radial rig and at the start was off with the three Amigos being Contenders 1 and 2 and old Phantom boy. I bet they thought he had his painter caught round their rudder for a couple of minutes so a great start Steve, the new high flyer in the fleet who is currently know as “Hywel” but I can assure you it will change soon as he is getting too good had a perfect start, well by almost which he assured me should have been 2 seconds better across the line. Hywels confidence is rising and he is slowly knocking back a few old salts and putting them in their place and youth is moving up the fleet.

I have discussed this problem with a few others in my position and we do have plans to sort this so let’s wait and see what happens, and of course at the end of the day I do calculate the results ?

No jelly fish this week they were all tucked up in bed, just the odd bit of sea weed and a plastic cup to manoeuvre round as we surfed the waves. Contender 2 though who it seems could have had his name on the trophy by some great previous results in just a few weeks at the club was all at sea this week, and literally all at sea but upside down at sea at the outlet mark. To rub it all in though as he surfaced from the waves and saw Phantom boy sailing off into the sun towards the Monkstone mark he possibly wondered what the damp copy of Peoples friend was doing bobbing around his watery cockpit. Yes we are a friendly club really !!

No sun but plenty of wind and spray sent Ann the wrong way to Amroth and decided better to fight another day so retired. 3 laps for some and 2 for others meant a 1st place went to Maurice who has been very quiet of late but obviously out there planning his tactics against some formidable opposition. 2nd place went to James in the Phantom who made an excellent job of control in the surf. What we do need to make a point of though is the 3rd place boat today, no I am not jealous or planning retribution but genuinely offer big congratulations to Hywel who steered his way round to a great 3rd place result.

Thanks again to Tom and Jo up in the box and in control on a very windy day, but even bigger thanks to some very wet and weather beaten rescue crews in the form of regulars Tom and Terry, and James and Ben. Again Clare was there wading around the surf with jeans rolled up bringing down the launching trolleys we sailed in so thanks Clare.

Training review

The sail trainees have just completed day 3. Rosie seem here in the Topper ( photo attached ) had lighter winds on Thursday for her session than the group on Saturday. Malachai and Hannah had a session with Malcolm in the Wayfarer also on Thursday to further hone their skills. Saturday dawned breezy and overcast but the faithful and enthusiastic group consisting of Hannah, Malachai, Sam and Lloyd rigged quickly and launched. With a little help they made it through the harbour to a relatively sheltered area behind the harbour wall. After one or two dips to test the water, the group are now able to sail a triangle course with a gybe and have had theory sessions on the five essentials (can you all name them?).

As usual it needs helper to make all this happen and a big thank you to Ben Roberts for sailing the Feva with Sam and to Malcolm in the Wayfarer with Malachai. Thanks also to Tina, Anita and Tom Eyre for coaching and rescue boat driving we couldn't run this without you.

One quick hint sailors, there will be a quiz soon covering all you've learnt so far so if in doubt read your books.
Next session to be held on Saturday 11th July starting at 11:30am we'll cover practical five essentials, rules of the road and Man Over Board drill.

You're all doing really well team and should be proud of what you have achieved so far!

Larks Nationals

The Larks nationals are getting closer – Sunday 2nd to Friday 7th August and Saundersfoot are hosting this event. To make all this happen and turn the week into a successful event for our visitors we need helpers. Manning the club house during Larks week in particular the 4pm to 10pm slot needs some extra helpers. Please try and give a few hours it all helps. If you can then please email jomusson@icloud.com or Facebook message Jo that would be great.

Photos attached are Rosie sail training in the Topper and Malcolm with Malachai and Hannah in the Wayfarer. Start line Sunday racing.

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