Race report

Sunday 19th July 2015

I am not sure if I am alone on this but I am sure that for most of the week I had been looking at the forecast and thinking that with a 9.30am race start and double rain predicted it could be a day for an extra hour in bed, this may have been the case for others as we had a slightly depleted fleet than normal but what a race they missed if that was the reason for absence.

The sun was shining, the wind was a very controlled SW 3 blowing and the sea was glowing with all the colours of a Mediterranean resort and to top it all I think the jelly fish have moved round to Tenby at long last. OOD this week and in control of 9 boats was Malcolm and Hywel who set a fantastic PMH course which had smiles all round in these stunning conditions.

I normally make comment about how good it is to have so many different classes of boat out on the water but currently it is also taking a turn that we now seem to have a growing Laser fleet which makes not only great racing but a chance to ask those experts out in front just how they do it in a very similar boats and then go and try it yourself, I might be the exception to that rule though.

I do feel a little deflated though as I see and hear these very crisp new race tuned Laser sails flapping about in the dinghy park and my old handkerchief seems to hang rather limp in the breeze but I am not complaining just waiting for Xmas. There was though a notable new boat arrival and it seems Ann our newly trained and growing in experience trainee of this year I might add had decided that squeezing into a Topper and being taller than 4’ high was not all it is made out to be in the glossy brochures. A new looking race tuned to the hilt Laser had made me put my sun glasses on to even look at it, what a boat and great to see Ann enjoying the sailing so much to make this investment and keep joining in our band of watery extroverts each week for some race fun, and yes it is fun even when like myself I do often have the chance to look forward across the bow at what is happening in the mix of expertise. ( I do actually hold my boat back to enable me to write these very accurate race reports )

It was also great to see Lloyd who is also a new trainee setting up one of the club Toppers to join us out for some racing and has also only been on the clubs training sessions recently this year as well, what are those skilled club trainers putting in the tea this year as it seems to be working so thanks to them for all the work they put in to help keep the new recruits coming through.

Off went the hooter and up went the flag and we were off to Pendine and almost in unison as a fleet, everyone was well grouped together for at least 50m until the Contenders decided to pull away but seemed to be struggling to drop ex club champion and again new Laser recruit Paul from hanging onto their shirt tails, I do not know how he does it though as his skilful nautical adviser and race tactician wife Julia has been dropped from the team and he has to make his own decisions now. Apparently even on what to wear out on the water as well which can be a testing decision for us men folk at the early alarm clock hour of a Sunday morning.

Jo was also having a good go at chasing the race leaders with a few of us again though hanging on along with Steve this week in close contention until we hit the beat which seemed to slow him down, I was though slightly concerned and made me out my pen and paper race report notepad down as not far behind was Lloyd in the Topper and I was thinking I needed to concentrate a bit more or I was going to be heading for the thanks for trying trophy at the end of the season, well done Lloyd but be warned about overtaking the wrong people as flying jelly fish have been seen in recent weeks to slow some people down.

Good to see John Roberts out this week in his Solo and appeared from my view to be going well in the following leader group of sailors. We did of course have to finish the race and two laps for some and three for others made a great sail in a fantastic place well worth setting the alarm for today. 1st place and 14 seconds ahead of his arch rival was Simon in the Contender, 2nd was Maurice also in the Contender, 3rd went to Paul and only 60 secs behind the race leader so a chance for us Laser sailors if we could only concentrate on the sailing and less on the race gossip.

Thanks of course to race helpers in the form of Mark and Trish, Terry and Keith on Rescue. Malcolm on OOD and his assistant Hywel who is not going to be with us for a few weeks as he is off to Japan representing Wales at the World Scouting Jamboree. Fantastic news for Hywel but don’t forget as while Hywel is away some of us may have a better chance of winning while he is not here racing and achieving the results he has in recent weeks. He does though want to thank anyone who has sponsored him in any way to make the visit to Japan happen.

Larks Nationals

The club is hosting the Lark’s on Sunday 2nd August and there are still the odd extra pair of hands required if you can offer any time to help. All seems to be going well with the organisation and thanks to those club members who are giving up a lot of their own free time to make sure this is a success for our visitors.

Bart’s Bash

What can I say, the club is of course hoping to enjoy another great day of racing and the emphasis is on fun for this event and all in a good cause of raising money for the Andrew Simpson sailing foundation. Saundersfoot Sailing Club is currently the 5th highest in the world for entrants but we will of course get swamped soon by the big sailing clubs but nice to currently be recognised around the world for our efforts in supporting this event and of course good publicity for Saundersfoot. If you haven’t already registered then please visit the Bart’s Bash website at www.bartsbash.com and watch out Facebook and website pages for more details.

A Salty Sea Dog