Race report

Sunday 19th April 2015

There can be no better place to sail than out in the bay of Saundersfoot, how lucky are all the local sailing fraternity to have had this gem on their doorstep for so long and incomers like myself have had to wait for this drop of gold dust. Anyway back to the sailing business and what happened on the Sunday race, quite a lot actually but I need to keep it brief ish.

The now very dysfunctional dinghy park ( due to improvements ) was brimming with keen eyed sailors with the gladiatorial look in their eyes about the evening race program, I myself like to keep an open mind and look for what is really happening as we need to report this sort of small talk to our general readers. My first impression on arrival was yes, keen sailors, keen helpers, a bit cramped for space but not an issue, a few wetsuits that looked like they had shrunk over the winter, oh and here comes the OOD with his technical assistant.

I personally look for detail and the problem was that he was carrying under his arm a copy of last month People’s Friend and tucked into the pages was an obvious knitting pattern that he is currently using to make his new mother in law a jumper, being the techy chap he is meant that he obviously thought he could convert his knitting pattern into a sailing course but more on that later.

We are talking April and we are also talking possible cold water and fluctuating winds as we know from last week so 11 boats out for our second race of the series was great and praise to the Dinghy Captain Paul for creating some obvious enthusiasm. Then out came the copy of Peoples Friend and an Outlet water Mark – Amroth – Pendine – Harbour course was set, we did not understand the knit one pearl one bit but most had the idea of where to go possibly.

Technical assistant Katie had the flags up and hooter’s sorted no problem, all we needed to do was make the line and off we went at full throttle to the water mark ( sewage overflow to those in the know ). Now full throttle Water mark actually meant a quick drift but in there first race of the season our current Dinghy Captain Paul and his co pilot Julia or I think that’s her name as sometimes as I sail past I hear other names but that’s another story were off in first place and followed very closely by Maurice in the Pink Contender, Keith in his Laser and me hanging onto Keith’s shirt tails for as long as I could and Jo with new crew Ben who just happened to win the first race of the season and there was no sign of Jo’s original crew who she found out was more partial to swimming than sailing so he seems to have walked the plank for a couple of races at least.

All looked well with a fresh cool f1 to 2 blowing in the right rough direction, smiles all around and the N12 out in front with marital bliss bringing a tear to the rest of the fleets eyes. Round the Pendine mark we went and back across the bay to Harbour when the god of wind pulled the plug. Keeping up in close ish contention was Hewel without his new sail for some secret reason, Aled in his very posh looking Opy which I am sure is going to win well this year, and Harry with dad Steve primed to hoist the newly ironed spinnaker, and of course a very welcome addition to the fleet in the form of Ann Downing with Malcolm in his also very posh Graduate who is teaching Ann Sailing Grade 3 which is great but hopefully a bit more wind next time means a bit more excitement out in the Grad. Rhys was picking up time in his Laser and I have almost forgotten the key players in many of my stories who can forget the “Beast” helmed by the skilful hands of Mark and ever in love crew Trish in the Tasar. ( mines a pint barman )

You could be mistaken for thinking that love blossoms out on the water on a Sunday race day but it really does, it’s like valentine’s day every week. It’s true. ( not always in the OOD box though ) I am digressing so back to the race, well that’s it really, the wind dropped, the OOD could be heard asking his technical assistant what he should do, she said blow yer hooter, he said how many times, she said do I have to do every thing and the race was abandoned. Ohhhhh sadness and stiff legs and help from the rescue boats had us all back from across the bay in no time.

Love was blossoming from all parts of the bay this evening and no more than the OOD box, they just had to run another race, even if it was just so that they could sit gooey eyed in the hut looking out to sea holding hands at us lot drifting round like lost chickens with cramp and a sore bum. A new course set, Outlet – Amroth – Pendine – Harbour, off they went and sort of sailed and drifted but eventually we had a winner. Yessssss at last Keith in his Laser was 1st ( nothing to do with David not being here ) The love boat was in 2nd Paul and Julia, Pink Maurice who always seems too happy out on the water for my liking was 3rd and best of all the RS4000 yippeeee tamed by Jo and new crew Ben in 4th. All others unfortunately did not make it back as the wind dropped right off. I myself made a tactical decision and left after the 1st race as new grandson and birthday daughter were waiting in the Captain’s Table so I think the right decision.

It was a very hairy landing in the harbour with newly erected barriers being tossed around by the swells and ever helpful Clare ( current club person of the year and mum of Hywel and Rhys ) was in and out of the water pushing, pulling, helping getting wet and doing too much as usual so thanks Clare from all of us ( but where were you when I came in ) ps Rhys does a nice line in eggs if anyone is interested.

I cannot say a big enough thanks to the helpers, Clare of course but not taken for granted. Terry our over 80 ish genarian rescue man along with his driver super Tom, John and James in the Dory and of course James and Katie OOD’ing us for the day.

A salty sea dog