Race report and week summary

Sunday 27th September 2015

I suppose it’s a bit like a recipe really when you put all the right ingredients together like warm sunshine, clear water, stunning views and a bay to sail in that very clearly is now the number one sailing destination in Pembrokeshire that is a view also shared by many visitors to the club this year.

Time does not stand still and we are at the end of the late series racing that not only has flown by so fast that we start the frostbite series next week. The skill and close sailing this year by a number of regulars has made it all the more interesting in the fact that we have not had a run away winner but it could be one of many.

The great part about racing in Saundersfoot is that we are all up against each other on the handicap race system and today consisted of 8 classes of boat and 12 sailors which also included new junior member Bill Ebsworth in a Topper and soon hopefully other family members so the numbers are rising which is excellent.

An air of calmness prevailed over the dinghy park today as a few of the big guns eyed each other up checking out the competition but also noticing that “The Peoples Friend” aka James Hayden along the beach there had not yet started to rig the flying Phantom.

It wasn’t long though as he was soon manoeuvring the current series favourite down onto the beach or it could have been his current pit manager Katie doing the pushing and puling while he limbered up on the sea front ready to show those Contenders how to sail.

A few doors down it was the same scene, technical assistant to ex club champion a few years ago was Julia struggling to push the highly polished Laser over the cobbles and sand ready for her trusty stead Paul the Roman Griffiths to rise from his garden chair in the sunshine trying to relax before the tension starts to rise on the start line.

These guys are made of steel and obviously their technical back up teams normally referred to as the wives must look on very proud as their men launch out into the surf chasing that coveted late series trophy. Potential future junior champion Harry was even seen cheering over the garden wall at his dad setting out to race, lets hope he would not Harry down but it was a tall order.

On the start line was another ex champion Keith with his new boat for this year the RS Aero but alas after Bart’s Bash it returned with a hole in its side but looked to be all taped up and was not going to miss this race. There were ex champions all over the place as David Plester was jockeying around the start with his new Go Pro camera mounted firmly on the fore deck, obviously heard about Keiths back luck with a couple of pirates last week.

Mixing it with this lot and gunning to take the crown in a new direction were Pinky and Perky aka Maurice and Simon strutting up and down in their very regal Contenders, trying their best to let the opposition know they were up for it and keep out of their way.

What these seasoned professionals seem to forget though is that there are some very talented youngsters in the ranks who on the right day and conditions could cause an upset. Rosie and Lloyd Mammatt have come along in leaps and bounds in the last few weeks and seem to be getting the hang of this racing lark.

Seasoned junior veteran Harry Hinksman steering his dad Steve round in the RS Vision could cause an upset but he did not seem to have that winning edge on him today but you never can tell. New junior Bill Ebsworth was at a disadvantage due to the OOD suggesting he needed a reefed sail in the windy conditions but clearly on exit from the harbour it was a wrong decision but we would put that right.

A couple of free samples of the new super white toothpaste slipped under the door of the OOD hut by the flying dentist ensured we had a knitting pattern course on the cards, a quick glance at an old copy of The Peoples Friend for inspiration and with an east south east wind it just had to be a Monkstone – Amroth – Pendine – Harbour course which included two beats to test the fleets skills in a wind that suggested to blow stronger but stayed at a steady f2 to 3.

Fifa are not the only ones who are open to a bit creative sportsmanship but we are clearly not in their league, for future reference though I am open to the odd pint of bribery if you prefer a particular course on a windy day.
Up went the flags in unison with the time keeper and I must say the hooters were looking particularly good today as they were skilfully executed all on time by assistant OOD Judy who obviously was hoping that maybe one day she would sit in that coveted OOD seat with flask of coffee and binoculars round her neck barking out the orders.

The fleet were off and James was taking no prisoners as he cruised through the other boats with apparent ease taking everyone else’s wind away to move in front. In hot pursuit though and right on his tail having individual battles with each other were ex champions and new contender boys making sure James could not afford a slip up.

Martin our commodore had made a late show from the harbour and seemed to have an outboard on the boat as he came motoring through the back markers to be in the mid fleet contention. Two laps for some and one for others with smiling faces all round culminated in a win for James in the Phantom but we had it all to play for as there was a second race.

A course change to Monkstone – Amroth – Harbour was out on the wall as two tubes of toothpaste only go so far in bribery these days. Ex champion David Plester was retiring maybe due to his batteries running out on the Go Pro or maybe it was the trip back home and an early dinner before the holiday traffic.

New hands were on the hooters this half as skilful Judy had to apparently go and sort the dog out ? No one said being an OOD was easy but Clare stepped in and normality returned with a calm air of authority in control of the expectant champions out on the water.

It looked this time as if James may be turned over as the two Contenders came right over the start line with a mission of winning in their sights. Paul and Keith must have caught their braces in the contenders transom bar as close was not the word. Three shorter laps later and race one winner James pushed the would be champions back into place and came through to win by 60 secs over Paul the Roman in his trusty Laser.

Final positions for race 1 were 1st James in the Contender. 2nd and a dead heat never seen before David Plester in the Solo and Paul the Roman in the Laser. 3rd Keith in the Aero.

Race 2 final positions were 1st James Hayden. 2nd Paul Griffiths. 3rd Simon in the Contender who just managed to pip his rival Maurice.

Thanks as usual to the rescue teams of Hywel Jackson and Steve Cavel, Terry Cemm and Tom Eyres. Not of course forgetting the skilful team of OOD’s today Mick, Judy and Clare. Trolley dolly duty went to Nina and John Mammatt so great work by all to make a great days sailing even better.

Next racing

The frostbite series starts on Sunday 4th October at 10.30 with 2 races and all are welcome. Dave the Go Pro Plester is in control.

Social Scene

Nina Mammatt has taken over the social role and it all looks great. Nina has all sorts of plans for the winter social program so please see either Facebook or the website for more details. We do however this Friday 2nd October have an excellent demonstration about all you need to know from an expert on ropes which could well be useful on occasions in this line of hobby so please join us for a 7.30 start in the club house.

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