Race report and week summary

Sunday 4th October 2015

In a brief word and to keep it short there was no sailing today, due mainly to some extreme weather conditions that may have suited a few but would not have been comfortable for the majority or the poor safety crews out there getting cold and soaked, so a good call by the in charge team today was the view from the warm clubhouse.

With no sailing in place our always busy Dinghy Captain called a meeting to review the years sailing so far and to talk over ideas to improve for next year. At a quick count there were about 30 keen and willing members in the clubhouse and many eager to get their suggestions over which were noted and will be looked at by the sailing group.

We have had a lot of support to help the dinghy captain role by taking off some of the load to assist in as many activities as possible during the year.

James has come forward offering help in the results service while Maurice, Simon and others have also agreed to help out on race days which is a big help and a positive step if we want to take the club forward from what currently is a great position of sailing competitive races in the club.

More details will be communicated to members but currently it is all looking positive.


Nina Mammatt has agreed to take on this role and has come up with an excellent social program for the year, details can be found on the website or on Facebook or by contacting Nina direct via her email as social secretary which can be found on the website.

Both Nina and Jo are taking orders for tickets to the Xmas social with tickets costing £20.00 each which is great value and also promoting the Halloween Party on Saturday 31st October with the ever popular fireworks from the harbour.

Jo also has an excellent range of clothing with club badges that she seems to be very busy taking orders for so don’t miss out on those and contact Jo as soon as possible as they may make a good dare I say it Xmas present.

On Friday we were treated to an excellent evening by Rob Prosser from South Wales Marine located at Welsh Furze, Princes Gate, Narberth. Rob gave a brief but very interesting talk which had us all literally tied up in knots.

Yes apparently there are over 20,000 knots around to tie and all in a bible about 50mm thick but Rob only hade time for about 6 to try and teach us, and we still got a few of those wrong. If you ever need help with rigging rope spars or metal wires or basically anything else to do with lifting or rigging then Rob is well worth a call.

Next sailing

We plan to sail weather permitting on Sunday 11th at 16.30 with one race in the Frostbite series. Paul Griffiths is the OOD so keep an eye on Facebook for updates and weather forecasts.


Well with no sailing to talk about we need to chit chat a bit more. Apparently Rosie Mammatt ( aka still to be decided ) has purchased a Laser 1 sailing dinghy and has designs on clipping the wings of current front runners Pinky and Perky including yes our good friend the People’s Friend when she has managed to sort out how and where all the ropes go.

There has been lots of talk about Hywel moving into some hi tech racing machine with an aim also to take over top spot and now it seems he will be doing this in a Blaze……go for it Hywel ! Don’t go too high tech though, look what happened to the Love Boat team.

Ben now also has a new Laser which apparently he will be using in some championships of which I am not sure yet but good luck Ben. Ps if the Club computer was up to it I was going to show Ben’s Bart’s video along with Toms to show the other talents of our younger sailors.

Photos show Hywel and Lloyd getting all tied up and view from the beach before Sundays proposed race.

A Salty Sea Dog