Race report and week summary

Sunday 11th October 2015

Sunday race day started with a very strong NE blowing the average dog walker half way down the beach. On my trip down to test out the conditions for our PM frostbite sail I must admit I thought it doubtful. It was pleasing though to hear activity already happening in the dinghy park area as the sound of washing and polishing which was possibly a hardy new Laser sailor preparing for the next race.

As it turned out on investigation it was club president Rolfe John power hosing his trusty cruiser who after his exploits at Bart’s Bash may possibly think he is a rejuvenated dinghy sailor now but alas was getting his boat ready for winter storage.

By the time the main fleet started to arrive at the club the wind had dropped to almost zero which had a few thinking of an early dinner and home to watch Ireland on the TV taking on France in the World Cup. A few drifted off but 5 Lasers, one Phantom and Malcolm in his trusty Graduate decided to give the new OOD water starting a try.

Lasers seem to be the breeding at the moment as another one turned up today proudly manoeuvred into position by Lloyd who could possibly be a real contender for a title next year if he bends the ear of his tactically efficient sailing sister Rosie to keep her distance on the start line and understand that brothers have priority or is that debateable.

Maurice and Terry out in the Flyer on OOD duty for our first time in possibly over a year of talking about water start OOD’s but the conditions just have not been right. Today however was almost too perfect for the OOD but not that great for the sailors. There were though 7 boats out and off they went at the sound of Maurice’s enthusiastic starting hooter, normal proceedings followed as current in form Phantom sailor James sort of shot off in one direction and a few of us drifted after him.

His main competition was currently sitting in the rescue boats in the form of Simon and Maurice who was OOD, so they were out of the game and our Dinghy Captain was tucked up watching the racing from his kitchen window while making another Gin and Tonic with a round of sandwiches for his rugby fanatic wife Julia, so he was not going to challenge today either.

It was up to in form junior Hywel and along with Jeremy Corbyn in his Graduate often referred to as Malcolm our club trainer to push James round and not make it too easy for him. He did mention though that he had just returned from a very enjoyable weekend away with his tactician wife Katie but had to get in quick as he was cooking the Sunday dinner so that did not bode well for the rest of us, he was not going to be late for that.

The wind sort of came up and then it sort of calmed down but enough for the new Lasers to tussle it out in competition that I am sure will be well contested next year. Steve seemed to be having problems with his self drainer popping out which does not help and can be painful along with our editor who had drifting problems and no wind which at times can be a bonus but not today.

Rosie obviously had not read the script and was in front of brother Lloyd in his new boat which currently had it’s self bailer missing so that could have been a disaster on it’s maiden voyage, an obvious family meeting to be held tonight I gather to sort the final race finish positions in future.

Eventually the race was won by James in the Phantom, 2nd Hywel in the Laser and 3rd Malcolm in the Graduate.

A second race did sort of take place with not a lot of wind but will not count in the final results. 1st though was James, 2nd Hywel, 3rd Malcolm.

Well done to Maurice and Terry on OOD and Tom and Simon on rescue along with the normal helpers of Clare, Nina and John beavering around the slipway with trolleys and advice.

Next Race

Sunday October 18th. Race start 10am with Dave and Terry in charge.


Details of all socials can be found on the website or on Facebook or by contacting Nina Mammatt direct via her email as social secretary which can be found on the website.

Both Nina and Jo are taking orders for tickets to the Xmas social with tickets costing £20.00 each which is great value and also promoting the Halloween Party on Saturday 31st October with the ever popular fireworks from the harbour.

Jo also has an excellent range of clothing with club badges that she seems to be very busy taking orders for so don’t miss out on those and contact Jo as soon as possible as they may make a good dare I say it Xmas present.


No gossip this week as everyone seems to go quiet when I arrive on the scene these days so let’s wait and see.

Photos show the new Laser arriving at Lloyds and Sunday race day start line.

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