SSC weekly news

Wednesday 25th February 2015

Jo Musson reports that in spite of the weather the Big Day Out at Pembrokeshire Yacht Club on Sunday was great fun. Sailing was cancelled but there was a superb class on rig setting using a boat on its side that was trying to take off while everyone hid behind a shed! Jo said that she still learned loads. Don’t you wish you had been there! The previous night Neyland Yacht Club hosted a not to be missed talk by one of the intrepid sailors who successfully made a passage around the British Isles in a Wayfarer dinghy. They did it without a single capsize and the talk was enthralling. At times they were 30 miles from land, out of radio contact and in the dark! Makes going round the marks in the bay seem like child’s play!

REMINDERS Your committee is still on the lookout for someone over 18 to manage the bar during Coppet week (from 23rd to 29th May) and at the Lark National’s (from 2 to 8 August) Saturday to Friday inclusive. Would anyone interested please contact me or any other committee member as soon as possible. Rate of pay will be by agreement. NEXT CLUB SOCIAL EVENT 6 March at 7.30 PM. Curry night (vegetarian option) to be followed at 9.00 PM by a talk by Mark Attwell - Captain Wisemans Bridge Rowers.

You will all be aware that preparations for constructing the decking over the sluice area are under way. This is an unsettling time not just for the club but also for locals and visitors, because of the restrictions placed on the use of the Harbour. However, no pain no gain! and I am confident the improvements will produce long-term benefits for the local economy and in due course for the club too, if we are up to the challenge. The scheme has the backing of the Welsh Government as a major maritime development and Saundersfoot is on the up which can only be in the club’s interest. The attached plan shows (edged red) the extent of the contractors working area. The heavy machinery required to drill for and place concrete piles and linking ground beams will require a lot of space to manoeuvre and a large slice of the dinghy park is included in the working area.

Thank you for your cooperation so far in moving boats around kayaks and Club dinghies in particular have already been affected. John Griffiths, Graham Wellman and I have been in regular discussions with the Harbour manager and his staff. We have sought to ensure that disruption and inconvenience to club members will be kept to a minimum. Those discussions have been frank and the Harbour team have been understanding and helpful. Nevertheless, I can’t give you a firm date for the return of those parts of the dinghy park that are currently out of bounds. We have asked for and received assurances that the work would be phased. The plan is that the operations within the dinghy park will be completed first and the tarmac and racking reinstated. Because we have a limited number of volunteers, the Harbour team have agreed to provide physical help under the direction of Graham to move and later on re-site the racking.

The contractor’s fencing will be placed against the long line of racking that contains mainly tenders. Because the tenders on the club house side would become inaccessible it will be drawn forward to enable access to all of the tenders. Other racking has already been relocated; some is between the club house and toilet block. and some is opposite the toilet block. This racking is to be fixed down so that it is secure and we then can use it to accommodate any craft that return prior to the works being completed. It is recommended that you fit your craft as far back as possible to minimise any overhang as heavy vehicles will be passing along the roadway. If you’re not intending to use your kayak or tender in the meantime, you may wish to wait until the racking is back in its rightful place and the present best estimate is that the racking will be returned to the dinghy park by the end of April.

Another concern is in respect as those of you who have not yet returned your sailing dinghy to the park, about 16 members are involved and I would appreciate it if you hold off bringing down your boat until shortly before you intend to use it. The Harbour manager has agreed to create a temporary compound within the car parking area opposite the Mermaid restaurant to receive any boats that we cannot fit back in straight away. I will keep you informed of developments on a regular basis and if you have any questions please contact John, Graham or myself and we will try to answer them.

Martin Andrews Commodore Saundersfoot Sailing Club