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Sunday 8th March 2015

n Friday evening the sailing club hosted Wisemans Bridge Rowing Club who came along primarily to entertain us with their exploits on the high seas with the Celtic Challenge but also to outline what they actually get up to and achieve during the year.

Mark Attwell from the rowing club was the guest speaker and he kept a good number of around 40 interested guests entertained who it must be noted had just dined on an excellent meal of curry and rice which had been organised by Martin Andrews with assistance from Bodil who cooked the rice assisted by Andrew and I am sure others who must be thanked, there did not seem to be any left afterwards which is always a good sign and thumbs up to “Seven Spice” from Kilgetty who supplied the delicious food.

I don’t think it was generally known around the sailing club how much fundraising the rowers do for not only the RNLI who seem to be very high on the list but also many smaller local charities that have benefited from their many social and organised events throughout the year. Well done to the Wisemans rowers and keep up the good work which may well need many more social events to keep the good work going. Please note that the SSC committee were slightly concerned about holding a social evening on the same night as a local RNLI fund raiser but apparently it was well attended with over 97 people so good news there.

Mark with the help of a very entertaining overhead display outlined that they had not only completed the Celtic Challenge once but actually done it twice in both 2012 and 2014, and on both occasions there were as the many as the name of the event suggests “challenges” to keep us all listening intently for what was coming next.

The Celtic Challenge is a Bi-Annual Rowing Race across the Irish Sea from Arklow in Ireland to Aberystwyth in Wales a distance of about 90 miles. The boats used are fixed seat Celtic / Pembrokeshire longboats, All-Ireland one design boats, or wooden Irish skiffs; all of these carry 4 rowers and 1 Cox at any one time. Teams comprise of 12 men or women or 6 men and 6 women. The event starts in Arklow in Ireland and ends when boats cross the harbour entrance in Aberystwyth and all is of course dependent entirely on the weather conditions.
To achieve this race on more than one occasion in a small rowing boat in conditions that are very un predictable, with very much larger boats floating about around you that do not stop easily and of course a big part of the race is at night and in the dark and of course you could well be feeling sea sick and very cold and wet took a lot of determination, courage and a great deal of logistical organization. A fantastic result and achievement that made I am sure all the competitors feel very proud of what they had done and also benefited a few local charities as well, due to the fact that each member pays their own expenses and all funds raised go directly to a charity. For more information just visit either or the WBRC website.

The photo below is of the WBRC Celtic Challenge team 2014 presenting a cheque for £1927.00 to the RNLI

The evening was a good chance for sailing club members to get together and chat about the new season ahead, normal club sailing is getting ever closer and the committee are busy trying to organise what will be a slightly different start to the season than normal due to the work being progressed in the harbour, I am informed though that business will be as usual and the first race is on Sunday 5th April and starts at 17.30.

Mick Lightwood aka a saltyseadog

WBRC Celtic Challenge team 2014 presenting a cheque for £1927.00 to the RNLI